Psychological Health Among a Sample of Sons of Working and Non-Working Mothers of Secondary School Students in North Jordan

Ahmad Y. Aljawarneh Saleh E. Daradkeh
Ministry of Education, Irbid, Jordan. Northern Border University, Saudi Arabia

The present study aimed to determine the psychological health among the sons of working mothers and non-working, secondary school students in the light of some variables in northern Jordan, the study sample consisted of (1305) students. The results showed that existence of a statistically significant difference at the level significance between the average estimates of the field (depression, anxiety) due to the variable (work of the mother) for the benefit of working mothers. There are differences in variable (number of hours worked) for the benefit of people with hours of work (more than 8 hours). The absence of a statistically significant difference between the average estimates of sons in all fields and the tool as a whole due to the variables (gender, number of sons).


Keyword: Psychological Health; Sons of Working Mothers and Non-Working; Secondary School Students.

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