Psychological Pain and Suicide Ideation among Youth in Indian Academia

Sunobar Rashid and Firdous Ahmad Sofal
Central University of Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Pages: 66-71

Suicide is a global mental health concern affecting over one lakh people annually in
India. The present study was carried out to examine the prevalence of psychological
pain and suicide ideation among adolescent students. An attempt has also been made
to investigate the influence of gender on psychological pain and suicide ideation among
senior secondary school students of J&K. The degree of relationship between the
selected variable was also examined in the present study. The sample consisted of 100
senior secondary school students drawn randomly from the existing senior secondary
schools of J&K. Data were tabulated and analyzed by using various statistical techniques
like Percentage statistics, t-test and Pearson’s correlation method. The study revealed
that gender significantly affects psychological pain and suicide ideation. It was also
found that male senior secondary school students are more prone to suicide ideation
and experience more psychological distress. The study further revealed a significant
relationship between Suicide Ideation and Psychological Pain. Due to COVID-19
Pandemic, there is a growing trend of suicide in India. As such, the study has implications
for policy planners, practitioners, academicians and teachers, etc., so necessary
interventions proposed in the present study can be introduced at the institutional level.
This may help the country in reducing the growing trend of Psychological Pain and
Suicide ideation at various levels.
Keywords: Psychological Pain; Suicide Ideation; Adolescents.

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