Reflective Thinking in Educational Research and Pedagogy

Sumudu N. Embogama
University of the Visual and Performing Arts, Sri Lanka

Pages: 72-80
Reflective thinking has been acknowledged as one of the fundamental premises of
teaching and learning from experience. It is often claimed that reflectivity can enhance
educators’ pedagogical as well as research practices by developing their critical thinking,
analytical abilities, and the ability to make unique connections between disparate sets of
information resulting in more informed perspectives on issues related to this field. These
are some of the main traits that are expected from skilled teachers as educators and
researchers. Thus, this paper considers the features of reflective thinking, its potential
for enhancing teaching pedagogy and research, the premises made by renowned
scholars with regard to theories; and frameworks on reflective thought. It can be argued
that in spite of its increasing visibility in education research, the importance of reflective
thinking needs to be further acknowledged as a crucial component within educational
research studies and pedagogy enhancement.
Keywords: educational research, pedagogy, journal writing, reflective thinking, teachers

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