Assessing the Impact of Ethnicity on Psychological Correlates of School Teachers

Page: 77-82

Sadique Razaque

Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag, Jharkhand.

Teachers are the backbone of schools. They affect the school system in many ways. They are a role model for students. Their personality, attitude, and motivation affect the children. This study assesses the impact of ethnicity on temperament, altruism and psychological hardiness of schoolteachers. For this, 120 schoolteachers were selected as a sample through disproportionate stratified sampling technique. The sampling area was Ranchi, Ramgarh, and Hazaribag districts of Jharkhand, India. The sample was divided into two parts – 60 tribal schoolteachers and 60 non-tribal. Four tools, Personal Data Sheet Temperament scale, Altruism scale and Psychological hardiness scale were administered in two sessions. In session I Personal Data Sheet Temperament scale were administered, while in session II Altruism Scale and Psychological Hardiness scales were administered. The procured data were analysed with the help of M, SD and t-ratio. It was found that tribal and non-tribal schoolteachers differed on temperament, while tribal and non-tribal schoolteachers did not differ on altruism and psychological hardiness. It means ethnicity has an impact on temperament but not on altruism and psychological hardiness and several factors are impact these findings.

Key words:  Altruism, Psychological Hardness, Temperament, Non-tribal, Tribal

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