Aggression among Adolescents in Relation to Self Esteem, Gender and Type of School Management

Sneh Bansal

Aggressive behaviour refers to behaviour that is intended to cause harm or pain to either oneself or another person. During the adolescent stage, aggressive behaviour could be at a high level. Approximately 35% of 12- to 18-year-olds reported aggressive behaviour against their peers at some point during this developmental period. Numerous factors play a significant role in development of aggressive behaviours among adolescents. The present study was an exploratory one, undertaken to study aggression among adolescents in relation to self-esteem, gender, and type of school management (private and government schools) in India. The sample (N=300) included adolescents with age range of 12-16 years from private (n=150) and government (n=150) schools with equal number of male (n=150) and female (n=150) from both schools. Aggression and self-esteem were assessed with the Modified Aggression Scale and Self Esteem Scale. Results of the study showed that adolescents’ boys are more aggressive than adolescents’ girls.  Significant difference was found between boys and girls in aggression (total) and various behaviours i.e. fighting, bullying and others. However, whether adolescents studied in private or government schools it did not affect their various behaviours i.e. fighting, bullying – thus, it can be concluded that type of school management does not affect the aggressive behaviour of adolescents. Significant mean differential in scores of aggression of adolescents with high and low level of self-esteem indicates that adolescents with low self-esteem are more aggressive than adolescents with high self-esteem. Negative relationship was found between aggression and self-esteem in adolescents which indicates that higher the aggression in adolescents, lower is the self-esteem and vice-versa.

Keywords: Adolescents, aggression, self-esteem, bullying, anger, gender, school management

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