Movement toward Effortless State of Mind Where Creativity Emerges

             Raghubir Singh Pirta

Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, India

Panchalan Ramalingam

Pondicherry University, Puducherry, India


There is need for a novel movement in the school. This movement expects emergence of effortless state in the mind of child, a qualitative change. There shall be no preordained plans. Neither shall there be directional signs for change. We believe in forces of social interactions among all the players in the school, even small changes in effortless attending are likely to matter. Our focus is the totality of the environment for children in a school in which social interactions generate dynamic field. For example, in play, so that behaviors like cohesiveness, order and creativity take root. The process is self-organizing and effortless, and there is emergence of new forms. The field is not entirely unlike a field where physical forces interplay. Even it has similarity with the field where a farmer sows the seeds. In fact it is like a field in beginner’s mind tenderly shaped for wisdom by the guru. This is a movement to induce small invisible changes in patterns of interaction taking place in the school. For, it is our belief, in long run we shall see a dancing totality bubbling with generativity.

Keywords: complexity; generativity; group dynamics; social play; school; cooperation.

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