Mohini and  Nov Rattan Sharma

Maharshi Dayanand University Rohtak, Haryana.

Adolescence is a critical life period; it is the time of lots of changes, which can cause a lot of stress in a teen’s life. In this phase of development, adolescents begin to transition from childhood to adulthood. Issues of independence, identity, relationships and sexuality define this developmental stage. Mental health problems, such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychosocial disorders, eating disorders, obesity and many others. School mental health and adjustment problems are the most fascinating study area of these days. Students of higher classes are under constant pressure of competition with peers, about future of career opportunities, parents and teachers expectation etc. Attachment styles in adults as well as adolescents have been found to be associated with their adjustment related issues. Studies show that the secure attachment style is positively correlates with adjustment whereas insecure attachment style is negatively correlates with adjustment. It also associates with many other poorer outcomes. The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of attachment style on adjustment of boys and girls. In this study total 300 adolescents were selected (150 boys and 150 girls) with the age range 16- 18 years. All these adolescents were studying in 11th and 12th class of private schools.

The results highlighted the significant role of Attachment styles and adjustment of school going adolescents.

Keywords: General Health, Adjustment, Attachment style and Adolescents.