Stress, Depression and Gender Differences among School going Adolescents

Naviya Antony K. and A. Shahin Sultana

Pondicherry University, Puducherry

Adolescent stress (Home stress, school performance stress, attendance stress, stress of romantic relationship, stress of peer pressure, stress of teacher interaction, future uncertainty, school-leisure conflict, financial pressure, emerging adult responsibility) and depression among 300 school going adolescents (174 boys, 126 girls) between the age 15 to 17 were examined. The relationship between stress domains and depression, and gender differences in variables are also investigated. Multiple regression analysis has been used to test the predictability of stress domains on Depression. Results found significant relationship between stress domains and depression among Adolescents, significant gender difference in school performance, attendance, romantic relationship, teacher interaction and future uncertainty of Adolescent Stress domains and in depression. The multiple regression analysis showed Adolescent stress as a significant predictor of Depression among adolescents. Adolescent Stress questionnaire ((ASQ) (Byrne et al., 2007) and 11-ITEM Kutcher Adolescent Depression Scale: KADS-11 (Brooks et al., 2003) are used as measures to collect the data.

Keywords: Stress, Depression, Gender, Adolescents

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