Neuropsychological Test Battery

Page: 60-64

D.Vasantha Prabha and Sarah Manickaraj

GBT Centre, Chennai   Presidency College, Chennai.

Neuropsychological assessment has become increasingly dependent upon the use of test batteries. The objective of the study is to standardize the Neuropsychological test battery among 90 people with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. The test battery comprised of four sub-scales namely cognitive disability, attention, memory and decision making scales. Cognitive disability scale with 15 items was developed to assess the level of cognition and adaptive behaviour and the Cronbach alpha value is 0.81. Attention scale consists of 20 items with four dimensions namely focused, sustained, selective and divided attention were found to be consistent with Cronbach alpha value of 0.71. Memory scale was designed with 10 items, which were found to be consistent with Cronbach alpha value of 0.76 to ascertain the level of memory problems. Decision making scale was developed with 15 items and the Cronbach alpha value for it is 0.69. Neuropsychological test battery was standardized based on their reliability and validity, which is a valuable tool for neuropsychological assessment.

Keywords: Neuropsychological, assessment, test battery, mild traumatic brain injury

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