Role of School Family Partnerships (SFPs) in Promoting Internal Assets and Positive Student Development

Page: 52-59

K. Saksena

P.P.N. (PG) College, (CSJM University), Kanpur, India.


Internal assets like happiness, life-satisfaction, hope and optimism, strength of character, positive self-concept, emotional regulation, empathy and pro-social behaviour of the school going students are very important for effective teaching-learning process. A happy, satisfied, hopeful and optimist student is likely to grasp and assimilate the subject-matter taught to him/her more effectively as compared to a student who is sad, depressed, less-hopeful, and pessimist. These internal assets of the students are very important in positive and effective schooling. Families and schools can play a pivotal role in developing and promoting these internal assets among school going students. School psychologists can also play an essential role in bringing about school family partnerships (SFPs). When teachers and parents work together as partners, they create important opportunities for the students to develop social, emotional, and academic competencies. SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) programs is now widely used in many schools. Several research studies have also shown that the SEL programs become more powerful when they are extended into the homes. A school going child has to spend more time with his/her parents rather than with the teachers at school. Many personality traits (both positive and negative) of the children may be attributed to the parenting styles of their parents. SEL and SFPs share a common mission to create an engaging and supportive climate for learning both in school and at home. CASEL (Collaborative Academic Social Emotional Learning) programs is also important in this regard.

Keywords: SchoolFamily Partnerships, Life-satisfaction, Happiness, Hope and Optimism,                                                      positive parenting, SEL, CASEL.

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