Indian Classroom Management among Elementary School Teachers in India

Michiko Ishikawa, Odagiri Makoto and Nakamujra Koichi

Graduate School of Advanced Practice in Primary Education, Tokoha University, Japan

Miyuki Matsumoto Aichi Mizuho Junior College, Japan

In this study, the authors examined how Indian elementary teachers perceive class management. An interview survey was conducted with 29 public and private elementary school teachers in India. Indian teachers focused on “clarifying rules and responsibilities, focusing on teaching subjects,” and “respecting teachers while communicating” with children. Also, the “Frequent Parents Association” was held and cooperated, and various schools such as “Inclusive Education and Separation Education” and “Montessori Education to Stimulate Children’s Sense” were recognized. The possibility of Japanese class management to “cultivate individuals and groups” was shown in India. This work has underlined the importance of learning the view of Japanese classroom management to Elementary school teachers in India.

Keywords: India, classroom management, cultivate individuals and groups, Japan, elementary school teachers

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