Reflections on changing narratives of identity, empathic understanding and creative transformation

Raghubir Singh Pirta

Department of Psychology, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla 171005, Himachal Pradesh

 This essay reflects on the changing narratives of human origins that has bearing on our identity. These seamlessly woven stories of our identity are not so fragile. From an early age supernatural figures enter into the formation of self. Our second objective is to look for practices of meditation to enhance empathic understanding with others. The traumatic experiences leave deep wounds in the psyche of child. The third objective is to analyze the fire that burns inside a person when his identity is hurt, and its creative transformation. The context for exploring these three objectives is largely school, and the activity that takes place between pupil and teacher. But the school is part of a complex socio-cultural environment which a teacher has to understand as far as possible, and has to be open to continuous flow of information, so that the curiosity of the learner remains alive. Furthermore, there is no gloss over when the learner seeks help of teacher on some issues, over which there is conflict among people, or with the scientific temperament.

Keywords: School psychology . Meditation . Separation anxiety . Aryan . Ancient DNA . Social   pain . Supernatural

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