The Relationship Between Teacher Commitment and Effective Teaching Practices in Rural Primary Schools in Malaysia

Gunasegaran Karuppannan & Suridi Bin Jalani

UNISEL, Malaysia

This study was conducted to investigate the relationship between teacher commitment and the effective teaching practice at rural primary schools in Malaysia. Ranau district in the state of Sabah was chosen as the location for this study. Teacher commitments consist of commitment to the school, pupils, career and in decision making. A total of 80 respondents were involved in this study. This study was conducted using survey method with questionnaire as the research instrument. The findings were analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) software with t-Test statistic, Pearson correlation and regression analysis. The results from the data analysis found that the score for the teacher commitment level and effective teaching was high. Pearson correlation test had shown that there was a weak correlation between teacher commitment to school and the effective teaching (r = 0.304, p <0.05). The linear regression test found that teacher commitment to the school was the main factor that contributes to effective teaching. The demographic aspects of gender were not significantly different to the teacher commitment and the effective teaching practices.


Keywords: Teacher commitment, effective teaching

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