Impacts on the Issue of the Domestic Violence on Women

Venothiney Dewi Muniandy, Saralah Devi Mariamdaran Chethiyar, Krishnavani Gianesan
and MAM Sameem
Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Malaysia
Muhammad Ali Equatora
Politeknik Ilmu Pemasyarakatan, Depok, Indonesia

Pages:52 – 57

The Covid-19, also known as the Corona virus Pandemic, is among the most talkedabout topics in Malaysia especially. Meanwhile, one of most common issues throughout
this pandemic is domestic violence. Women are the most victims of domestic violence
during the pandemic Covid-19 Around 57% domestic violence cases reported from
women during Movement Control Order in Malaysia. The objective of this study is to
identify the impacts on the issue of domestic violence during the Covid-19 pandemic.
The researchers employed quantitative approaches to collect long-term data on domestic
violence incidents that happened during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The researcher used
an interview strategy with four registered counsellors from the National Population and
Family Development Board (LPPKN) and the Department of Social Welfare. According
to the counselor’s perspective, the findings of the study shows that there are several
impacts of the domestic violence during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The suggestions
presented are expected to help future studies.
Keywords: Domestic Violence Issues, Counselors, Covid-19 Pandemic, Impacts, Issue

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