The Efficacy of an Expressive Arts-Based Psychological Intervention on Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction and Emotion Regulation among Thai Undergraduate Students with Social Media Addiction in Bangkok

Sutawadee Arttapiyapun and Donald A. Johnson
Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand

Pages 43 – 51

Social media addiction has found as a problem worldwide that induces many negative
consequences for the users, especially in young adults. This study aimed to examine
the efficacy of an expressive arts-based intervention on basic psychological needs
satisfaction and emotion regulation among Thai undergraduate students with social
media addiction in Bangkok. the efficacy of the expressive arts-based intervention in
this study can provide all three participants an inspiring, creating, and growth process
which help them be aware of and able to manage their own strengths and be able to
manage their negative emotions or circumstances. Overall, the results were surprisingly
transformative for the participants.

Keywords: basic psychological needs satisfaction, emotion regulation, social media
addiction, expressive arts-based psychological intervention.

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